Fun Games To Play In The Car

Posted by Rick Uva on Dec 3, 2018 10:08:00 AM



Take some of the misery out of long car rides

The Anagram Game

Sometimes you come across one of those fancy plates. The ones that say P@ID or LIC-NSD. Most plates, however, are just a jumble of letters. Your job is to come up with an anagram for any normal license plate.

Celebrity DoppleGanger

This one is simple. While driving, always be on the lookout for a celeb doppelganger. A doppelganger is a person who remarkably resembles someone else. Your job is to find someone who looks like a celebrity. Judge each other to see who has the best match!

Who’s Line is it? (Sleeper)

The object of this game is to create a story so believable that the person asleep will believe it when they wake up.

  • Wait until someone in the car falls asleep.
  • Begin making up a story.
  • Take turns adding parts to the story.
  • When the passenger wakes up begin telling them the story.
  • If you break character you lose a point.
  • If someone goes off script, someone must ask, “Are you sure?”, then that person cannot speak again and loses two points.
  • If you fool the person each storyteller earns three points.
  • If the “sleeping” passenger tricks the whole car and joins in on the story correctly they steal all the points.
  • Most points upon arrival wins .

FORTUNATELY , Unfortunately

The first person begins the game by saying, “fortunately” and says something fortunate.

Moving clockwise the next person will say something that is unfortunate about the event mentioned previously.

Keep moving around the car and mentioning a fortunate thing about the event, then an unfortunate one.

  • If you stumble you get a strike.
  • If you get three strikes you’re out.
  • Last one left wins.



  • Start by someone selecting a category (cars, food, places).
  • Begin with the letter “A” from the alphabet and name something from the category that begins with that letter.
  • Take turns around the car and try to complete the alphabet while using that category.



New Song

  • One person begins singing a song
  • The next person takes a “lyric” from that song and starts another song that has that lyric.
  • Go until someone fails to carry out a song.

“Love, love me do, you know I love you…”  (The Beatles)

“…Give love a bad name…” (Bon Jovi)

“…That’s not my name, that’s not my name!” (The Ting Tings)



Would you rather

A good old fashion game of would you rather surprisingly can kill a great amount of time. Let imagination take over and make this game extremely interesting.


Not that word!

Get that brain working. The car needs to come to an agreement on 5 words that cannot be used throughout the entire ride.

Sound easy? Not so much.

The five words you pick should be common words, or words that have to do with traveling. For example, you can use see, look, car, road, where. When someone uses one of the five words they must be penalized.

Some penalties that can be used.

  • Chip in for gas ($X.XX per penalty)
  • Buy food
  • Pump Gas
  • Navigate
  • Drive next

Explain a film plot badly

One person describes a film plot so poorly that it makes it difficult for the other passengers to guess what movie it is. For example, “Two enemies, one pretty boy hotshot and the other a hillbilly join together despite their differences in a fight for their lives in order to escape from a butcher living in the slums who has taken them captive in order to get back to their family.

Toy Story.



Pick on  person  to guess.

  • That person must put headphones on or put their hands over their ears.
  • The rest of the car thinks of a verb.
  • The person who  guess  has to try and figure out the verb by only using the word “smurf”.

“Did you smurf today?”

“Does he/she smurf?”

“Is smurfing appropriate in public?”


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