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Driving with Spina Bifida

Posted by Joan Cramer on Sep 24, 2019 7:35:56 AM

You have already spent more than a decade helping your son or daughter through the challenges of spina bifida. This neurological birth defect results from an improperly formed spinal cord and can cause nerve damage, hydrocephalus, paralysis, and a host of other physical and cognitive disabilities. Childhood may be full of regular doctor’s visits and surgeries, and as the teen years approach, you may be doubtful of your child’s ability to operate a vehicle. Despite all of the challenges caused by spina bifida, many people will still be able to get behind the wheel, though they may require special adaptive driving equipment and additional training to reach their goals of mobility and independence.

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Our Driver Rehabilitation program works with patients whose change in health may affect their ability to safely drive. We have a team of Certified Driving Rehab Specialists that will work with patients on evaluating your driving abilities. We also have a team of professional instructors to help you gain or regain the skills you need to drive. We created this blog to talk about the various diagnoses we experience and how they may affect your experience behind the wheel. 

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