Insuring a Teen Driver

Why Work With The Next Street

Teen Remote Learning Cohorts in CT

Drive Politely: Empathy, Humanity & Compassion on the Roadways

Junior Volunteer Firefighter and The Next Street Student, Jordan

The Next Street's Heroes

Traffic Troubles - New London, CT

Fun Games To Play In The Car

Why You Should Regularly Service Your Car

Navigating the Willimantic DMV

The Benefits of Your Teen Having Their License

How to be Successful on the Day of Your License Test

Top 5 Reasons People Fail Their License Test

Happiness Is

Springtime Car Care

Bristol, CT Spotlight

Wolcott, CT Spotlight

Overcoming Your Fear of the Road as a New Driver

Driving Lessons in Avon, CT

How to Pass Your License Test

Driver's Ed • Holiday Driving Made Easy

Driver's Ed • The Cost Of Driving Drunk

Driver's Ed • Driving in the Rain

Driver's Ed • Blocking The Box

Driver's Ed • What to Expect on License Test Day

Driver's Ed • Apps And Driving: It's Not Just Texting Anymore

Driver's Ed • Why Rush Hour Traffic Causes Road Rage

Navigating the DMV - Danbury, CT

Navigating the DMV - Wethersfield, CT

Navigating the DMV - Waterbury, CT

Driver's Ed • Does Speeding Really Save Driving Time?

Setting Restrictions For Your Teen Driver

Taking the Perfect Driver's License Picture

Driver's Ed  •  How to Survive Weird Roads

More Than Just A Driving School

Driver's Ed • Main Roads vs. Back Roads

Driver's Ed • Car Maintenance Life Hacks for Non-Mechanics


Driver's Ed • Dealing with Hazards

Have a Safe 4th of July

How to Get a CT Learner's Permit for International Students

Driving After Dark

The Dangers of Speeding

Commentary Driving

Your Driving Test With The Next Street

How To: Book A Drive Online

Why The No Show Fee On Your Driving Lesson?

Must Know Driver's Ed Info

Safe Driving Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

CT Teen Driver Restrictions

How To: Get Your CT Learner's Permit

How To: Merge On The Highway

Driver's Ed • Which Class Is Right For Me?

4-Way Stops

Driver's Ed • Do You Get The Point?

Winter Driving Tips: Part II

Winter Driving Tips: Part I

What's the Buzz on Buzzed Driving?

Driver's Ed • Holiday Travel Tips

What's in a Name?

Strange Driving Laws From Around The World

Driving In Cars With Pets

How To: Enroll Online

Halloween: Safe Driving Tips

Managing Curfews for Teen Drivers

How To: Drive in the Fall

How To: Drive Safely at Night

Driver's Ed • How To: Winterize Your Car

Buying a Car for Your Teen

Driving Safely with Kids

Parking Lot Safety

Autonomous Vehicles... Are we ready?

Driver's Ed for Adults. It's Not Just For 16 Year Olds!

Labor Day - Keeping the Road Safe While Having a Good Time

Making New Driver Auto Insurance Easy and Affordable

Back to School Driving Safety

Learn More About These Tips 

Talk to your family and friends about safe driving habits, and if you're without a driver's license, consider choosing one of our programs. They are easy and stress free! 


  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens
  • Car crashes are preventable
  • Discussing safe driving habits with family and friends will help spread awareness

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