Driving After Dark



Driving at night is a completely different experience than getting behind the wheel during the day. Drivers have a greater risk of making mistakes due to the lack of visibility and their own tiredness. Car crashes are three times more likely to occur at night, according to the National Safety Council

Reduced Visibility car-headlights.jpg
It is obviously much harder to see at night, but the dark can also make it difficult to judge distance, as well as decipher road signs or spot others on the road. Because of the decreased visibility, it is important to slow down! It is a good idea to leave more space than you normally would in-between you and the other cars on the street. To decrease glare, wipe the inside of your windshield and use low beams when driving on a foggy night. If an oncoming vehicle’s lights are blinding, remember to look at the edge of the road and follow the white line. And always turn down your own high beams when another car is approaching. 

Nighttime and bedtime go hand in hand. Do not operate a vehicle if you are feeling tired. If fatigue strikes while on the road do not try to ignore it! Take a pit stop and go for a walk, or better yet, take a nap before heading back on the road.

Weekend nights are some of the worst for fatal accidents due to drinking and driving. Always stay on your toes and drive defensively. Make sure to use your blinkers while turning and make your intentions clear. Report drivers who are swerving or just not driving safely. They are not only a danger to you but to themselves as well. Also keep and eye out for wildlife. Bare in mind that deer tend to travel in herds. If you spot one chances are there are more around, so reduce your speed.

drivers-ed.jpgVehicle Check
As always, it is important your vehicle is in proper working order, whether you are on the road at night, or during the day. Drivers should double check to see if the headlights and breaks are working correctly and make sure your headlights are properly aligned before pulling out for a drive.

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