How to be Successful on the Day of Your License Test

When you go to take your driver's license test, you might think you just have to show up and take the test, but there's actually more to it. We'll break down the different steps and show you how to set yourself up for success. 

Rachel Holding License

Make sure your all of your paperwork is prepared in advance.

When you get to the DMV for your test, you're going to have to bring certain documents with you in order to test. If you don't have the right documents, you won't be able to take your test and you'll have to pay to reschedule.

Make sure the car you are testing in can pass the DMV's inspection.

When you test at the DMV, you'll have to bring your own vehicle to test in and that vehicle will have to pass inspection by the DMV inspector. If the car fails, you can't take your test and you'll have to pay to have your test rescheduled. You'll also have to correct whatever caused your car to fail so it can pass the next time.

  • When you Test at The Next Street, you use our car for the test. Our vehicles are guaranteed to pass inspection.

Know your stuff!

Ok, so you've got your paperwork in order, your car has passed inspection and now it's time to test. As the test is coming to an end, the inspector asks you to perform one last maneuver - a parallel park. You've practiced the maneuver before but can't remember how to line up your vehicle with the space. Oh no!

  • When you Test at The Next Street, you'll have access to our knowledgable testing team and safe driving professionals. They'll be able to give you some tips and insight into possible testing routes and you'll be able to ask them any last-minute questions you might have. It's a great refresher which can mean the difference between failing and confidently passing.

Smile for the camera!

You've passed your test, congratulations! When it's time to get your license, the DMV will need to take a picture for it. Check out this blog post for tips on taking a great license picture.

  • We can't really help you here, but you will be a lot happier after taking your test with us and that makes smiling a lot easier!


The key to having a successful license test day is being prepared and confident. When you test with The Next Street, we'll help you be both. Test with The Next Street and get on the easiest road to your driver's license!

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