Junior Volunteer Firefighter and The Next Street Student, Jordan

Thank you for everything that you do Jordan! You are an inspiration! 

The following is from an email sent to us about Jordan.

"He has been a dedicated member of our local Fire Department since the month he turned 14 and was finally of age to become a junior member. He has since earned his CPR certification at the age of 14, His EMR certification at the age of 15 and his Boating License at the age of 16, just to name a few. He was the only teen in our town to be selected to attend this years ITTFS (introduction To The Fire Service) at the CT Fire Academy. He Graduated ITTFS on July 21st, the hottest day of the year thus far with a heat index of 110 degrees in full turnout gear!! Thanks to Next Street’s flexible schedule he was able to attend the Fire Academy and not miss a beat in his drivers education classes.
We are grateful for the Heroes Discount, it truly helps as he is a volunteer and with that comes a lot of out of pocket expenses. His next goals are to test for his Drivers License with Next Street and then to train for his EMT certification and to hopefully attend the CT Fire Academy again next year and eventually, to be a “heavy apparatus” driver within his department. Thanks again Next Street, this is where it all begins!!! "