Making New Driver Auto Insurance Easy and Affordable

When your teenager gets his or her license, it can be exhilarating for them, and nerve-wracking for you.  Their safety is always the first concern, and second to that is the insurance component.  There are many questions that come to mind “Do I need to add my newly licensed teenager to my insurance policy?” “Will doing so significantly increase my premium?”, “How can I reduce the costs associated with adding my teenage driver to my policy?”



Liberty Mutual Insurance is committed to promoting safe teen driving behaviors, and helping parents minimize the financial impact as much as possible. In that effort, we partnered with The Next Street, to reward teens for participating in a quality educational driving program. Parents of students who have completed the The Next Street program get an exclusive discount, as well as the following discounts:

-       New Teen Driver Discount

-       Driver Training Discount (this is in addition to The Next Street discount)

-       Good Student Discount

-       Parent/Teen Contract Discount

In addition, we provide a consultative analysis of your family’s specific auto insurance needs to make sure you are properly covered. 

What you must have

Connecticut State Insurance Requirements are 20/40/10 – This is the minimum amount of insurance coverage you can have in Connecticut.  These numbers represent: $20,000 maximum of bodily injury per individual, $40,000 maximum of bodily injury per incident, $10,000 maximum for property damage per incident. 

What you should have

The recommended amount is significantly higher than the state requirements, and is dependent on individual situations. When determining your coverage needs, you should consider the assets you are protecting, and your liability exposure (the more drivers in a household, the higher the exposure). A needs evaluation would be prudent to determine the appropriate coverage for your particular household. Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all purchase.  A tailored policy is the only way to go!

There you have it, a quick overview on what it takes to insure your new driver. With the savings given by Liberty Mutual for taking The Next Street's Full Driver Education Program, the course pays for itself in only a year! The Next Street and Liberty Mutual ensure that you have the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to making sure your new driver is safe. 

 Learn to Drive from the Experts