Navigating the DMV - Wethersfield, CT



The Wethersfield Department of Motor Vehicles can look pretty intimidating at first glance, but there’s no need to panic because your friends at The Next Street are back at it again.

Usually, you’re spending a pretty penny at the DMV to begin with, so be sure to pay attention to signs in the parking lot when you arrive; some spaces (and even entire lots!) are reserved for employees only. The last thing we want is for you to be stuck paying more money than you have to all because of an easily avoidable parking ticket!

I stopped in at about nine o’clock on a Friday and the place was barren for a DMV… I wouldn’t have even been surprised if a tumbleweed happened to roll by. It may have been a stroke of luck but I’d say an early Friday morning visit is your best bet, if possible. You can also figure out which days of the week and times of each day are best to go (or avoid!) with a simple search of “Wethersfield DMV” … Click → here ← !

If you’re facing the office from the street, the main entrance will be on your left; the outside of it looks sort of like an old telephone booth from afar. Inside is where you may start to feel that intimidation I mentioned before… Pay no mind to all the doorways and stairwells for now, just head straight back towards the sign that says ‘Public Room’. Once you reach the sign, look to your right, and there will be another set of stairs; those are the ones you want to take. The ‘Public Room’s doorway will be visible at the top. This is where you want to be for any typical Dept. of Motor Vehicles visit. If you do somehow manage to get yourself lost, there are usually employees or security guards wandering the building; don’t hesitate to ask where you should be headed. (Being embarrassed or feeling silly is a lot better than missing an appointment you waited months for!)

Unless you have a scheduled road test to get your driver's license, get in the line that’s straight ahead of the doorway. This is where you’ll receive a transaction ticket and find out which part of the room you should be waiting in! (Don't forget! If you're getting your Learner's Permit, you need to make an appointment in advance!)

At first glance, it’s not too large compared to the other offices but there’s another, almost hidden, section of the room. That section is where you’ll head towards if you’re testing for your license; line five, to be exact. Like I said before, if you’re there for this reason, there’s no need for a transaction ticket. Just be sure you have all needed ID’s, forms, & paperwork.

A Quick Recap & Other Helpful Tips:

  • This is one of the CT DMVs that has popular visiting times available online; do yourself a favor and check it out while planning your own visit.
  • Be sure you’re parked in a space you’re allowed to stay in before heading inside!
  • Leave with more than enough time to safely make it to your DMV appointment.
  • Gather all needed identification, forms, & paperwork the night before so there’s no worries of frantic searching in the morning; you’ll thank yourself!

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