Overcoming Your Fear of the Road as a New Driver

Learning something new can be exhilarating and terrifying all at once. The open road gives you the opportunity to adventure and become more independent but can be a bit scary. But don’t fret there are some ways to overcome those butterflies that come with being a new driver.

 teen driving

  1. Take a deep breathe

First things first, breathe. You will learn how to drive and with the right instructor, you can become a safe responsible teen driver to share the road with. Stay calm and just focus on the task at hand.

  1. Be prepared

Get to know the rules of the road, your car, how to feels to sit in the driver’s seat and use your signals. Prepare yourself so that you feel confident in yourself and more comfortable on the road. 

  1. Operate in a safe vehicle

You will have peace of mind getting into a car that is safe. Make sure the breaks on your car are working, check that the brake lights are working, and that all your car’s fluids levels are full.

  1. Do everything to make yourself safe

Buckle up... put your phone away... focus on the road and learning how to operate the car. If you focus all your energy on that you’ll be much safer and we can guarantee successful.

  1. Bring someone you trust along for the ride

It’s best to have someone calm, and who has great knowledge of the road in your passenger seat as you learn to navigate the road. Put someone next to you that you trust. You want someone who is on your team helping you go ahead and learn to drive.

  1. Start in parking lots or driveways

Now that your feeling comfortable with your car and confident in yourself, become familiar with driving in a parking lot or drive way. Get used to using the gas (slowly of course!) and the break. Feel how the car moves without any direction, just be sure to stay away from the garage door!

  1. Finally, get to it!

The more you practice and drive, the better you will become and soon enough it will be second nature to you. So go ahead, drive down the road. You’re prepared and should be feeling much calmer. You can do it! Good luck! 

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