Springtime Car Care

Spring is Upon Us! (we hope? – I don’t know about you but we are definitely ready for some warm spring days with the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining through the sunroof.) Now you are ready for Spring but is your car ready? Maybe not so much… But that’s okay we are here to help! Here are the top 7 things your car is begging for post winter weather.

 car being washed

  1. Clean that baby up!

Your car needs a major shower. Winter in New England is not very forgiving. So, this is the time to get all that dirt and muck off the beautiful shine and paint of your car. You should also spend some time on the inside. If you haven’t been keeping up with vacuuming the floor of your car might look something like the Shara Dessert with all the dirt. Now you maybe be thinking “Yes! I love spending a few hours working on the love of my life”. Then yes, go for it! Clean your car. But if you are anything like me you want a coffee and magazine in your hand as a professional does the work for you. Check out your local car wash, they may have a springtime special going on for a full vacuum and wash. Just be sure they get in the door jams!

 car tires

  1. Change from your winter tires to your all-season tires and check your tread

If you change your tires to winter tires, cheers! You are one in a million (just kidding) but most people don’t take the time and just hope for the best with their all-season tires. So, if you have changed your tires it’s time to change them back. Car maintenance is important! Make sure you check the tread on your all-season tires. You might want to purchase some new tires if your current set is nearing bald. You also might want to have your tires rotated especially if it isn’t done regularly.

windshield wipers  

  1. Spend some time with your windshield wipers

Your windshield wipers need some loving. They were there for you when you were too cold to stand outside and scrap the ice from your windshield. They wiped away every drop off dirt absorbed snow from your view. They helped give you a clear view of road ahead. After that kind of support, you might want to just toss them to the side and replace them. Give yourself a new set to show you the road in the many rain storms to come.

 car hood

  1. Fill All the Fluids

Winter in New England can take a toll on any and everything. This is probably the same for the fluids in your car. Top ‘em all off. Windshield wiper fluid, oil, antifreeze all of it. And if you have no idea what is under the hood of your car take it (again) to a pro. They can fill you up and have you back on the road in an hour or so.

 steering wheel

  1. Alignment

New England is a nightmare when it comes to potholes (reasoning for the Nor’easter Pothole ice cream by Friendly’s) So if you are traveling anywhere in the state, the alignment in your car is probably off. This is an easy fix for most mechanics. (and if your car is really, really off we suggest buying some nor’easter ice cream to comfort you and your sorrows).  

 Women sitting at computer desk

  1. Shop around for insurance quotes

Insurance isn’t cheap. Especially if you are a new driver/teenage or you have a teen on your plan. But you should shop around for the best price for your needs. You want good coverage of course! But as seasons and years change so do the prices insurance companies can offer you! So don’t be afraid to check out all of your options for coverage driving. If you are located in CT we suggest checking out our friends at Liberty Mutual


So here is to warmer weather coming our way. May our roads be pot holeless, our windows be rolled down, and our cars be clean! 


Safe driving!


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