Teen Remote Learning Cohorts in CT

There are no good solutions for back to school in 2020. Parents, students, teachers and administrators are all having a shared experience of worry, fear, sadness and frustration. Perhaps the biggest challenge is the unknown. As schools start to reopen and people begin to make their decisions and live their new lives, no one feels any sense of comfort that the setup on September 1 will still be the setup on October 1. And if the rug gets pulled out from under you, what will you do? 

I've been thinking a lot about this, as well as some of the other ripples of the pandemic on all school aged kids, especially teenagers. The lack of social interaction. The lack of collaboration. The lack of deep thinking that you can do on a Zoom call. I also keep coming back to the fact that all 36 of our classrooms are closed. In order for driver's ed to work, we need 20+ kids in a class, and as you know, that's not an option right now. 

Here's my thought, and I want your feedback. I want to create remote learning cohorts for HS students that are doing remote learning. We will open the classrooms to 10 students. We'll staff it with a fun and intelligent adult. We'll provide WiFi. The staff member will oversee the kids, will provide support for the classroom materials, and will create social interaction opportunities in the down time. We'll run from 8am to 4pm Mon-Friday and charge $150/week/student. The cohorts will be limited to 10 kids and we will want a semester long commitment from each. We'll have them available at all 36 of our locations, which covers just about every corner of the State. 

Is this valuable for you? What else would you like to see included or not included? Should we do it?