The Benefits of Your Teen Having Their License

When your teen has their driver's license, and you no longer have to schedule your day around theirs, you might be wondering "now that I have this free time, what can I do?" Don't worry. We've put together a list of ideas to help you figure it out.

Take Back Your Me Time

1. Sit On The Couch And Read A Book Or Watch TV

When was the last time you had nothing to do? No kids to pick up? When you didn’t have to DVR the end of your favorite show and watch it three days later when you had five minutes in between getting the kids from the bus stop and dropping them off at soccer practice? Yeah… this is going to be great.

2. Take Up Yoga

OHMMM. I can already feel your mind shutting off for an hour and your body relaxing. The kids are at dance and you don’t have to worry about picking them up because they can finally drive. You reach for your toes, close your eyes, and focus on being in the moment.

3. Get Dinner With Your Girlfriends

Oh remember these ladies? The ones you used to see all the time. Before you all had kids. Can you even remember a time when you had two hours to get dinner together and didn’t have to cancel because little Lucy was sick or leave early to pick up Sally from daycare. Now sip on that glass of wine and chat it up! You have a lot to catch up on.

4. Get Back Into An Old Hobby You Had To Give Up

Just when you thought the days of gardening and scrapbooking were over… all of a sudden you have time again! Gone are the days of driving to swimming lessons and sitting on the bleachers by the pool with all the other moms scrolling through their phones. Now throw yourself back into the mud and get your hands dirty! Put your memories together on paper while your teens safely drive themselves.

5. Start A New Hobby

Have you always wanted to learn piano? Or maybe take up Jazzercise! Now is the time. You will never be younger than you are right now and you have the energy because you don’t have to stress about being your teenager’s personal chauffeur.

6. Go Out On A Date With Your Significant Other

Nothing says romance like date night. WITHOUT THE KIDS! It’s been so long since you’ve been on a date with your significant other that you’ve probably forgotten how to hold their hand. This is your chance! Grab their hand, and slowly walk out the door. One step at a time. Just be sure to leave a set of keys on the table for your children.

7. Get Your Hair And Nails Done

Your mind has been constantly running. And with all that actual running your feet are looking a little scary. Stop the running and start the fun. Grab that coffee and head to the beauty parlor. Your feet will thank you.

8. Catch Up On Sleep

Believe it or not… for the first time in years, you won’t hear “Mom, mom -- MOM!” Yep, so this is your seven seconds to sleep. You can thank us later.

9. Finally Clean The House

Okay… this one isn’t as fun. But it might help you clear your mind and finally get rid of that stench coming from Lindsay’s bedroom.

10. Sit Out By The Pool While Someone Feeds You Grapes And Rubs Your Feet

Maybe this is a little far-fetched. But hey… it could happen. You’re worth it. 

The school year is mayhem, so summer is the perfect time to help your teen get their license. And at The Next Street, we make it easy. Our Summer Accelerated programs allow students to finish class in only 2 weeks, and are offered at all of our locationsWe also have our normal twice per week evening schedule. So what are you waiting for? Sign up your teen for driver's ed with The Next Street and start planning your summer of fun and relaxation!

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