Why Work With The Next Street

Over the last 12 years, The Next Street has grown from a 10 employee company to a 150 employee company. In that time, we have been constantly working on our company culture and our practices to attract and retain high quality people. Our business is a service business. We have grown this much by getting really good at providing outstanding service to our customers. In our experience, the best way to provide outstanding service is to hire an outstanding team. 

If you're reading this blog entry, you are likely considering a position at The Next Street. Awesome, we'd be lucky to have you! We also realize that you likely have choices in where to go next on your career journey. This is a big decision. Most likely, if you're considering The Next Street, a career is more to you than a time card punch and a paycheck on Friday. You are passionate about your work and you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You want to be recognized for your talent and what you add to your organization. You want to be surrounded by a likeminded yet incredibly diverse set of co-workers that challenge you to be better and appreciate when you push them to be better too. If this resonates, you've found the right company.

As the CEO of any company, one of the most important roles is capital allocation. The organization has found a problem, created an eloquent solution, monetized the solution and then built a team around that profit model. Now, the CEO has to decide how to reinvest those profits in a way that is most meaningful to the organization. In my role as CEO at The Next Street, I have always believed that the best re-investment is in the staff. Year after year, we have consistently increased our wages, built out our benefits package and invested in staff training and development programs. Every time we have done that, the organization has grown and thrived in new ways. New profits were created, which we again reinvested into the staff. As I write this, we are looking growing another 150% in the next 5 years. This should mean an additional 150%+ investment in staff wages, benefits and training/development. 

Why work for The Next Street? Because you matter. Your time matters. Your work matters. Your legacy matters. How you choose to spend your time, do your work and create your legacy matters. At The Next Street, we understand that and have designed our organization around giving our staff the room they need to be the best versions of themselves. We hire people with hearts and brains, provide the resources they need to succeed and then give them the empowerment to use hearts/brains/resources to succeed. It's not just a time card punch or a Friday paycheck (though those things matter too). It's a career full of purpose. If that inspires you, you should come be a part of our team at The Next Street. 

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