Why You Should Regularly Service Your Car

Why you should regularly get maintenance done on your car

 Having a car is an investment in you and your independence and investments cost money. Getting from Point A to Point B requires gas which can be costly. Then if you need work done on your car that adds to the total cost of own and operating a car. But reality is that driving allows you the ability to get yourself around and earn a good paycheck. Having a car allows us to see new places and have new experiences that aren’t in our own backyard. Life is better having the freedom to drive yourself and your family.

So how can you keep costs down? Get regular maintenance on your car!

1. Effective breaks allow you to more effectively use your gasoline.

When your saving on your gas mileage, it saves on your wallet. Keeping your car running as effectively as possible helps to keep the day to day running costs down. 

 gas pump

2. When you go to trade in or sell your car, regular maintenance will help your car be more valuable than one without regular maintenance.

If you trade your car in or want to sell it, the dealership or person you sell to can look up the regular maintenance on your car. If you car has been kept up with it is more likely to last longer making the car more valuable. Often times when someone purchases a car they ask to see the "CarFax" to know how their possible new car has been upheld this far and if it will last. 

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3. If your car breaks down having to pay for a tow truck is costly.

If everything in your vehicle is running effectively then you are less likely to break down on the side of the road. And if you pay for a AAA membership with free towing or just call a tow company that can cost you hundreds depending on how far you are from home or a repair shop. 

 tow tuck

4.  Having a car that receives regularly maintenance makes the car safer (and you can’t put a price on your life!)

If everything in your car is funny safely and effectively that makes for a smoother ride for you. And your safety should be a top concern.

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5. It helps you maintain your warranty.

If you have purchased a new or used car that has a factory warranty or dealer warranty then you will be required to have regular maintenance performed on your car to uphold it.


6. If you get your car maintained at a dealership they will often times wash your car and maybe even clean the inside depending on the place.

This will save you money when it comes to the wear and tear of the inside of your car. If you keep up on the regular cleaning, then you won’t need a full detailing.

washed car


It may seem like paying for maintenance is a lot, but when you have family, car value, and gas milage to consider, it really isn't too bad. Happy Driving! 


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