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5 Reasons to Refer Your Patients to Driver Rehabilitation

Posted by Brandon Dufour on Jan 30, 2021 4:33:07 PM

As a medical professional, you're expected to know the answers to a lot (everything?). We often hear from our referring physicians that the questions on driving are simply beyond their expertise. Even though you are qualified to make a medical determination, sending your patients for a professional driving evaluation will give them very specific answers about their future behind the wheel. Here are 5 reasons you should refer your patients with driving questions or concerns to a Driver Rehab program.

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Driving is Important

We Are Here to Keep You Safe Behind the Wheel

Our Driver Rehabilitation program works with patients whose change in health may affect their ability to safely drive. We have a team of Certified Driving Rehab Specialists that will work with patients on evaluating your driving abilities. We also have a team of professional instructors to help you gain or regain the skills you need to drive. We created this blog to talk about the various diagnoses we experience and how they may affect your experience behind the wheel. 

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