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Adaptive Driving Equipment | Turn Signal Crossover Lever

Posted by Joan Cramer on Jun 10, 2021 12:34:49 PM
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Driving is one of the most liberating skills of everyday life and can be a rite of passage for most young people. However, if you don’t have the use of one of your hands, driving might seem like a daunting challenge!


In this article, we’ll be exploring the turn signal crossover lever, a valuable tool for any driver with the use of only one hand. We’ll talk about why they might be necessary, and how to get this helpful tool installed and certified.

How the Turn Signal Crossover Lever Helps

If you’re living without the use of your left hand, either due to being born without one, having an amputation, or losing the use of your hand due to another diagnosis, it may seem like driving might be impossible. 


However, thanks to modern adaptive equipment, there are many options to handle the various controls of the car with just the use of your right hand. 


One vitally important part of driving safely is the turn signal. Along with your brake lights, the turn signal is the main way that you communicate with other drivers on the road. 


Some people who only have the use of one hand try to make due by rapidly switching their hands to the turn signal (located on the left side of the steering wheel), but a turn signal crossover lever solves this problem easily by making the turn signal accessible on the right side of the wheel.

Customizing to Your Unique Situation

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A turn signal crossover lever is a very simple piece of technology, but it can be adapted to your car and preferences based on the size of your steering wheel, and the locations of other levers, buttons, and signals. 


This is where working with an expert can be helpful, as using the right-sided turn signal should be easy, instinctive, and natural while you’re on the road. 


How Do I Get a Turn Signal Crossover Lever?

There are many different turn signal crossover levers available on the market that you can purchase and install yourself, but we recommend checking with an expert. 


There’s a big difference between seeing something online and actually having to work with it in person and on the road, and making sure that your device is functional, properly installed, and convenient to use can make a big difference. 


There aren’t many states that require extra certifications if you’re going to be using a turn signal crossover lever, but we certainly recommend taking the time to practice extensively with an expert if possible. 


This is especially true if you lost the function of your left hand due to an amputation or other condition. Old habits can be hard to break, and familiarity with your new equipment can make a big difference if you’re forced to make a split-second decision on the road. 

Taking the Next Step | The Next Street Approach

Here at The Next Street Driver Rehab, our Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists start with a comprehensive clinical assessment of you and your driving abilities, so that we can understand your exact situation. 


In most cases, adding a turn signal crossover level is relatively straightforward, but this assessment will help you understand any other visual, cognitive, or physical challenges you might face on the road. This can be especially useful after an accident or the loss of a limb.


More likely than not, though, in the next step our experts can help you select the right crossover lever for you, and help you train with your new equipment until you’re comfortable out on the road again, especially in situations like heavy traffic or on the highway. 


After that, you’ll be ready to hit the road!


If you’d like to learn more or schedule an initial free consultation, you can reach out to us at our Consultation Homepage or at 860-483-7009.


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