Happiness Is

Posted by Brandon Dufour on Mar 13, 2018 11:01:31 AM

Hello from The Next Street's HQ in (currently) snowy Watertown, CT. I write today with an exciting announcement: The Next Street has been named the Happiest Education Company in America by TinyPulse, an employee engagement platform focused on creating better work environments.

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Springtime Car Care

Posted by Alexa Farrell on Mar 9, 2018 4:40:34 PM

Spring is Upon Us! (we hope? – I don’t know about you but we are definitely ready for some warm spring days with the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining through the sunroof.) Now you are ready for Spring but is your car ready? Maybe not so much… But that’s okay we are here to help! Here are the top 7 things your car is begging for post winter weather.

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Bristol, CT Spotlight

Posted by Alexa Farrell on Sep 26, 2017 1:51:12 PM

This week our Spotlight is on Bristol, Connecticut, which is home to another one of our Next Street Locations. Bristol is an exciting place to learn to drive and then adventure in all this city has to offer. For more experienced students you can practice changing lanes and driving on the highway or if you are just starting out there are parking lots and quiet roads to get used to life behind the wheel. 

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Wolcott, CT Spotlight

Posted by Alexa Farrell on Sep 19, 2017 10:32:30 AM

Wolcott, Connecticut is home to one of our many Next Street locations. It's a small quiet little town located in the Northern part of New Haven county. Although small, there is a lot to do and see. It's also a great place to learn how to drive a car.

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Overcoming Your Fear of the Road as a New Driver

Posted by Alexa Farrell on Aug 30, 2017 3:37:27 PM

Learning something new can be exhilarating and terrifying all at once. The open road gives you the opportunity to adventure and become more independent but can be a bit scary. But don’t fret there are some ways to overcome those butterflies that come with being a new driver.

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Driving Lessons in Avon, CT

Posted by Dave Becker on Dec 20, 2016 2:02:00 PM

When you take your driving lessons at our Avon Driving School Location, at the corner of West Avon Rd and Country Club Rd, you will reap the benefits of some of the finest instructional staff in the state of Connecticut, proudly serving the greater Hartford area. Not sure what to expect when you take a driving lesson here? We've got you covered.

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How to Pass Your License Test

Posted by Corey DeVellis on Oct 18, 2016 1:57:34 PM

The ultimate reason everyone takes Driver’s Ed is to get their license. It’s a rite of passage. It’s part of becoming an adult. It will open doors and make you more independent, but it can also stress you out and keep you up at night; tossing and turning and worrying about the embarrassment of failing and the inconvenience of having to take the test again.

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Driver's Ed • Holiday Driving Made Easy

Posted by Corey DeVellis on Oct 17, 2016 3:05:00 PM


The holiday season is upon us! The weather is getting colder and folks are thinking about pumpkin-spiced lattes, comfy sweaters, delicious food, and traveling to see family. Regardless of what you are celebrating between harvest-time and New Year, take these tips along to make sure your holidays remain joyous and free of driving-caused headaches!

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Driver's Ed • The Cost Of Driving Drunk

Posted by Karen Ali on Oct 14, 2016 4:33:00 PM

There are no winners...

A 20-year-old resident of Connecticut was speeding one morning around 3 a.m. - coming home from a bar - when his car rolled over, his female passenger ejected from the sunroof.

Neither were wearing seat belts.

He was driving so fast he lost control of his car. He had also been drinking - his blood alcohol level was later tested, and it was found to be about .130.

He survived.

The passenger was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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Driver's Ed • Driving in the Rain

Posted by Corey DeVellis on Oct 4, 2016 3:03:42 PM

Driving in the fall can see a lot of strange weather here in New England: from early snowfalls to sudden sunlight and dreadful downpours out of the gloom, driving can not only be a chore but also dangerous! Some of the most dangerous conditions are made when a rainy day turns from a drizzle to a deluge and you’re stuck out on the roads.

Here are some tips from The Next Street to help you get through this autumn’s rainfalls.

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Learn More About These Tips 

Talk to your family and friends about safe driving habits, and if you're without a driver's license, consider choosing one of our programs. They are easy and stress free! 


  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens
  • Car crashes are preventable
  • Discussing safe driving habits with family and friends will help spread awareness

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