Top 5 Reasons People Fail Their License Test

When you go to take your Driver's License Test, you'll be asked to perform basic driving maneuvers and techniques to demonstrate that you are a competent driver. Hopefully, you've practiced and will ace the test with no problem. Sometimes, however, students make mistakes during the test and fail. Take a look at the 5 most common reasons people fail their license test, and ask yourself if you would be able to pass.

#5 Checking Your Blind Spot


It is very important not only to know how to check both blind spots but to know when you are required to check you blind spots. A blind spot check during a lane change can be easily overlooked by a nervous student but is certainly one of the most crucial times to perform one. Any other road maneuver such as the K-turn/3-point turn or parallel parking requires a blind spot check as well before committing to the maneuver. And of course during the left or right back-in you have to keep your head on a swivel and be looking all around.

#4 Parking


Any and all parking maneuvers can be asked of you on the road test, including parallel parking, pull-ins (either on the left or right) and back-ins (also either on the left or right). Students are most often asked to perform a right back-in but because each test is different, it's important to be proficient in all three types of maneuver. The DMV agent administering the test can ask you to do one or all of these maneuvers.

Some students also have a bad habit of not looking behind them long enough during the back-in. CT State law says you must be looking in the direction the car is moving. Sometimes students focus so much on perfecting their back-in technique that when they are asked to pull-in to a space, they freeze or forget how to do it. Practice everything!

#3 Maintaining Proper Speed


It's not just going too fast that get students in trouble. Going too slow is just as bad as going too fast on your road test. It shows you might have missed the posted Speed Limit sign or the student is inexperienced in regulating their speed. On your test keep as close to the posted speed limit as possible.

Remember the speed limit is the maximum speed you can travel on that road in ideal conditions; going over is against the law.

#2 Stopping at Stop Signs


To this day students still roll through stop signs on their road test. The law states that a legal stop is making a full stop (that's zero mph) for three seconds at or before the white stop line. If there is no stop line, then you stop at the stop sign. If there is no stop sign, and it is an implied stop (you are unable to continue straight, and must turn left or right), you must stop before the crosswalk or where a crosswalk would be if there was one.

If you make a complete stop and find that an object or obstruction is in your line of sight and preventing you from making a safe decision, you can slowly crawl forward and commit to a safety stop. Once you determine it is safe to continue, look in all directions once more and pull out into the intersection.

#1 Taking a Left Turn


The number one reason why students fail is also one of the most dangerous maneuvers in driving - turning left. It sounds simple but whether you are stopped at a traffic light or at a four-way intersection with stop signs, you must know what to do in every situation. If you happen to turn left at the wrong time or communicate incorrectly to your fellow drivers (use your signals!) an accident is very likely.

Here’s the thing: Driving is a learned skill. Meaning, no one just knows how to drive naturally (despite what the older jokesters in your family tell you!). So it takes practice and, oftentimes, Behind The Wheel Training with professional instructors. Take a private driving lesson with The Next Street and learn the skills you need to pass your license test. 

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